The Commissariat aux affaires maritimes would like to inform all interested parties of its relocation:

Since 28 October 2021, our new address is :      

3-5, rue Auguste Lumière

L-1950 Luxembourg

Email addresses and telephone numbers remain unchanged.

Luxembourg Maritime Administration


Presentation of Luxembourg Maritime Affairs

Being the focal point of all shipping matters in Luxembourg, the Commissariat aux affaires maritimes is in charge of a number of statutory functions outlined in the Maritime Act 1990. These functions are carried out by a reduced and therefore efficient staff.

The administration exercises authority but, at the same time, provides services for which quality and performance are fundamental attributes. This is the reason why the Commissariat aux affaires maritimes has put in place a quality management system. Shipping management involves a mobile industry and very large but potentially changeable investments. Within such a competitive environment , quality of work and team performance are the only way to stay in business.

In 2004, the Commissariat aux affaires maritimes has been transferred to the Ministry of Economy. In this context, synergies have been developed between various actors of the financial and insurance sectors and the shipping sector. These efforts have led to the creation of a Luxembourg logistic and maritime cluster representing the maritime Luxembourg in an international context beyond the geographical and competence  limits.

In 2008, the Commissariat aux affaires maritimes undertook the voluntary IMO member State audit. The audit's conclusions are available here.