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INTERTANKO updates guidance for seafarers’ protection from COVID-19

09 september 2021

In a recent report, Intertanko outlines the plans and procedures to be put in place to prepare a ship for shore personnel to come on board and to protect seafarers from the dangers posed by COVID-19.




Signing off and on seafarers

Seafarers joining or departing ships should comply with the protocols contained in this circular. This Circular recommends that all seafarers who are leaving or joining the vessel should check their temperature twice daily and keep records as this may be required for a number of days before embarkation or disembarkation.

Prior to entry into port, the crew manager should ensure that crew changes can take place, taking into account local regulations. In considering crew changes, the manager must ensure that flights are operating and this includes transits in third countries.

The seafarer signing off or on should keep with them documents showing that they are seafarers whilst transiting borders. Such documents should assist in their transit.


Vaccinated seafarers

Current vaccines can provide over 90% protection from existing and anticipated strains of the Covid-19 virus. This means that fully vaccinated seafarers should either be immune from the virus or the effects of catching the disease are greatly reduced. Only a small percentage of those vaccinated have required hospital treatment.

Research continues into whether vaccinated seafarers may still be able to pass on the virus to unvaccinated persons. Taking a precautionary approach, physical distancing measures should remain in place for vaccinated seafarers until 10 days has passed from their joining, unless all on board have been vaccinated. Physical distancing and the use of PPE should continue to be used when in close proximity to shore workers.




Please find the entire article from Safety4Sea about the subject here .


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