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Conference on Shipping and Logistics in Naples on 11th November 2016

14 november 2016

The conference celebrated the 20th anniversary of the mandate of Doctor Giancarlo Iaccarino as Honorary Council of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in Naples as well as the 25th anniversary of the Luxembourg Maritime Register

On the occasion of an evening organized by Doctor Giancarlo Iaccarino, with the support of the Luxembourg embassy in Rome and the Commissariat aux affaires maritimes in Luxembourg and in collaboration with the Luxembourg Maritime Cluster and the Luxembourg Cluster for Logistics, representatives of the Italian maritime sector learned about the shipping and logistic activities in Luxembourg as well as the opportunities these sectors may offer.
During the evening, Italian businessmen and shipowners met with the Luxembourg delegation i.e. Mrs. Janine Finck, Luxembourg Ambassador in Italy, Mr. Robert Biwer, Government Commissioner for maritime affairs and Mr. Malik Zeniti, Senior Manager of the Luxembourg Cluster for Logistics as well as with several representatives of the Luxembourg companies active in both sectors.
A copy of the presentation by Mr. Robert Biwer made for the occasion is available here.
A copy of the presentation by Mr. Malik Zeniti is available here.
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