The Commissariat aux affaires maritimes would like to inform all interested parties of its relocation:

Since 28 October 2021, our new address is :      

3-5, rue Auguste Lumière

L-1950 Luxembourg

Email addresses and telephone numbers remain unchanged.

Luxembourg Maritime Administration

Administrative Fees

Vessels' registration

Change of Ship's name 100 €

Consideration of the application file

First registration (Ship certificates not included) 500 €
Bareboat out registration (Ship certificates not included) 250 €
Renewal of the registration (Ship certificates not included) 250 €
Cancellation of registration (without CSR) 150 €
Cancellation of registration (CSR included) 350 €

Documentation of Ship

Issuance of a Certificate of Registry 100 €
Issuance of a Minimum Safe Manning Document 100 €
Issuance of an extension of provisional Certificate of Registry 150 €
Issuance of a CLC Certificate 100 €
Issuance of a CSR Certificate 200 €
Issuance of an MLC Certificate for vessels < 500GT 1000 €
Issuance of an MLC Certificate for vessels > 500GT 1000 €
Issuance of a letter of consent to a foreign Bareboat Charter Register 100 €
Issuance of any Certificate or document not otherwise specified (plus costs) 100 €

Marine Safety Inspection

For each vessel, an annual inspection fee is required, as provided by maritime regulation. This fee includes the analysis of the report by CAM 1.300 € + traveling costs
Follow-up inspections when required 650 € + traveling costs


For all officer’s navigational and engineering officer endorsements
(Fee includes GMDSS and other required SQCs)
40 €
For issuance of lost endorsements 40 €
For issuance of a waiver under the Maritime Act
(Dispensation, derogation and others)
40 €
For certificates of service, each crew member 25 €
For issuance of any document not otherwise specified 25 €
Table on working/resting hours 50 €
Issuance of a seaman’s book 40 €
Renewal of a seaman’s book 40 €
Replacement of a lost seaman’s book 40 €
Issuance of a temporary seaman’s book if application not complete 20 €

Accreditation of shipping companies and managers

Instruction of an application for a shipping company 1.000 €
Instruction of an application for a shipping company’s manager 1.500 €


Reminder fee 15 €
Analysis of any further requests or actions by the CAM, expenses and costs disbursed invoiced on the basis of time involved 150€